Kerama Villa City Shionoka

4~6 guest
Entire Home
3 bedroom
6 bed
Located at the center of Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island, Amuro Island, Aka Island, and Geruma Island of Okinawa Prefecture. Overlooking the Kerama Islands, it is located in an outstanding incomparable superb scenic location. There is Tokasiku beach right under, and you are free to do cruising, fishing in any spot of the island.

The villa is three stories, the ground floor is the main room which is a great place to relax yourself. You can see the large ocean from the spacious open air balcony. This is a superb location to view Kerama Islands. It is also equipped with great facilities such as bath room with beach view, bar counter, kitchen and so on

The basement is the relaxation room, equipped with a bedroom with elegance and calmness, and a lovely study room. A great place to relax yourself.

The basement 2nd floor is guest room. 2 guest rooms with plenty of room for children to play. You can use it in any scene such as barbecue, relaxing and chatting, and so on.
  • 6 bed
  • Wifi
  • air conditioning
  • TV
  • 2 bathroom
  • heating
  • kitchen
  • dryer
Check In: 12:00
Check Out: 15:00

¥ 150,000 / night


〒 901 - 3501 Okinawa Prefecture Shimajiri-gun Tokashiki Village aza Tokashiki 1848

Cancellation Policy
The cancellation fees are as follows
10 ~ 8 days before : 20% from the accomodation price
8 ~ 5 days before : 30% from the accomodation price
5 ~ 3 days before : 50% from the accomodation price
3 ~ 1 day before by 15 o'clock : 70% from the accomodation price
After 15 o'clock 1 day before : 100% from the accomodation price


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